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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

New Makeup Brands vs Old Makeup Brands

Just heard that Christian Louboutin will have his own cosmetic line, just like Tom Ford, YSL and so many other brands....and Louboutin will be partnering with Batallure Beauty LLC. 

Christian Louboutin is known for the "red-sole", and who doesn't want to own one of those beautiful shoes?! BUT talking about beauty line, I'm not sure it will be any different that other brands, like Tom Ford, Burberry, YSL...etc, the difference of these companies are Fashion made Beauty- which means, they do not have any cosmetic producing background, but since they see that beauty market is a huge market out there which can reach so many levels of the society and definitely more affordable than fashion, so WHY NOT?! 

Now, my concern is, despite the design of the packaging, a little twist of the color from other brands, the synthetic perfume in the lipsticks or foundation might be more stand out from the crowd (just guessing here) Is Louboutin really making a "different" beauty line compare with the other brands?!

By the meaning of different, we are talking about ingredients, not the packaging and all human creation kind of different, we are concern about the actual product quality.When Chanel and YSL and so many other individual companies' beauty lines are owned by L'oreal,  some said they are baked from the same bakery, some said they still have their own bakery, we as outsider, wouldn't know too much of what is happening in the plant. BUT one thing we can be sure that is, whatever they are making, is not the best for our health, not just lipsticks, even so they claimed that leads could be impurities and it is hard to detect even with a machine, but if a company cannot guarantee that these toxic chemical can be detoxed out of our body, which means that they can be / are accumulative, and to a point which could be harmful, so why should we choose something that has potential hazard to us? It is not a matter of "I need to see it to believe it is true", when you SAW this happened, it could be too late, so why don't we avoid all the potential hazard?! Don't forget that everyone is unique, so is our body, we could have different reaction to a component. So you think this might not be hazard to you, but this could be hazardous to someone else. BUT when the science report has pointed out the fact that they are harmful, why do we choose to ignore that fact?

I've found some articles talking about mascara and foundation. 

Here is another source where you can see how toxic the shampoo/makeup/ lotion we are using:

By no means we would like to scare you with this article/blog, we are here to present fact, and you can disagree of course. Our goal is to bring awareness to people on what they are "taking" into their body or what their body is absorbing. Packaging of products is a way to market it, to make it more outstanding and mark up the price, but this doesn't reflect the products' quality itself.

Everyone, have a wonderful day  - Your One-Stop Organic Boutique

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