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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Organic makeup lines

When people say that organic or mineral makeup is now a trend...would you agree or not?! 

If you say it's a trend, which means that this "trend" will become outdated one day, just like some retro clothing or accessories back then...from our parents or even grandparents generation...and make a come back 20 years later... and company trying to sell organic/ mineral products these days are just trying to own some market shares out there? I wouldn't deny that there are definitely some companies are trying to get their share on the market when they spotted this trend...BUT some have been doing organic/ mineral products all the way...since they started the company...wouldn't they worried that this "trend" will be outdated and they will be out of biz one day too?! 

We personally don't believe that it is a trend, BUT this is a new concept that will be used in every day life sooner or later, which means , there will be organic clothing... which there are already for babies, organic living like veggies and fruit, because natural products are simply not good enough to protect us as they are being injected with different GMOs Who would want to have some scorpion GMO in their Scorpion cabbage?!  or  GMO Corn ? Anyone?! Hence, natural products was "HOT" in the market few years back...or still HOT but Organic is just one step further to protect our body....
For us, going Organic is NOT  a choice, it's necessary to go Organic to be able to protect ourselves fully. Thanks to the advanced technology. We are able to enjoy Organic products from head to toe, even makeup!! 
DON'T start questioning if they are good or not if you have never tried... there are a lot of organic beauty lines out there, which means, whatever color you need, there will be companies that have the products that you looking for... just go out there and try!! i.e. organic pharmacy (UK), Nvey Eco (Australian Brand, it was used in global awards), lavera (Germany Brand) , Couleur Caramel (French) , RMS Beauty (US)....etc

Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow

Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow Color Chart

Couleur Caramel Lip Gloss 

Couleur Caramel Lip Gloss Color Chart

Nvey Eco Advanced Care Lip Color

Nvey Eco High Definition Cake Eyeliner (For Eye Brow/ Eye Liner)

Lavera Style & Care Gel

All lines have great collection of colors and they are very high pigmented!! So, don't look down on organic makeup or have bias against them, because, they are here for a reason, one of the reasons could be, excessive lead in traditional lipsticks so why not go for an organic and natural one so that no toxic goes into your precious body?! 

So what's your thought on these organic makeup?? A trend? Or it is THE MAKEUP in the future?!
One thing we can assure you is that, you will regret if you don't try it... it is LITERALLY no harm to WHY NOT ?!

Everyone, have a wonderful day - Your One-Stop Organic Boutique

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