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Monday, 4 June 2012

Facts of Sugar and Honey Part 1

This is NOT a blog for women only, but also for men... because, we are going to talk about HONEY!! 

I am sure all of you have heard of the good stuff that honey can do! BUT do you know that they have healing effect too??

The simplest one is to drink warm honey water to sooth your dry throat (just a friendly reminder, water should NOT be hotter than 45 Degree Celsius)

Honey could be used in meals and as a substitution of sugar for tea and coffee!! If you haven't tried should try now... no harm (for real) and if you know what sugar could do to your body, you would have SECOND thought before taking them, (you may know of the harm already... but are you trying to avoid them as well as you could?) 

To name a few of the DISADVANTAGES of taking sugar:

* Sugar can decrease growth hormone (the key to staying youthful and lean)

* Sugar feeds cancer

* Sugar increases cholesterol

* Sugar can weaken eyesight

* Sugar can cause drowsiness and decreased activity in children

* Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein

* Sugar causes food allergies

* Sugar contributes to diabetes

* Sugar can contribute to eczema in children

THAT IS WHY kids who intake lots of sugar, from coca cola, sweets...etc, they are easier to be "hyper"
We are not here to talk about how bad sugar is, but here are few more links that you can look up.

SO, what's so good about HONEY? 

1. Although honey in general might has higher calories than sugar, BUT, honey is sweeter, which means that  you will need LESS than one tablespoon of honey- LESS calories consumption (Good way to start off diet and weight loss plan!!) Also, when consume honey with warm water, it helps to digesting the fat stored in the body

2. Honey will be absorbed much quicker by body than sugar

3. Honey speeds up the healing process by stimulating wound tissue

4. Honey can be of multiple use, like for barbeque, face mask, sore throat...etc
Want to know how to make DIY mask with honey and get your hands on the honey recipes? 
Stay tuned for our next blog!!

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Everyone, have a wonderful day! - Your One-Stop Organic Boutique

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