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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fleas and Ticks Repellent for Dogs

We all know why we need to get rid of fleas and ticks, it's because they can cause skin allergies and dermatitis, also the possibilities of getting infection or even tapeworms in the dog. If the dog was not being taken care of, or the owners of dogs are not aware of the prevention of getting ticks and fleas and getting more and more, the dog could lose a lot of blood and get anemia, worst situation, death. Please be warned that ticks carry various diseases.

SO, how to prevent from getting them or get rid of them?! Best scenario would of course be to prevent from having any of these nasty insects jump onto your beloved dog, but if this isn't always the case, what can we do?!

There are lots of ticks and fleas killer out there, like Frontline Plus, Advantage, K-9 Advantix ...etc. it works wonder... well for some dogs and some are reportedly to have skin irritation, but like human, every individual react differently towards any drugs or medication, so same theory goes to dogs too. 

BUT what you need to find out is, how does this thing work?! Does it have side effect? Let's have a general understanding of what they can and cannot do, and what should be avoided and why.

Frontline Plus will kill fleas within 18hours, and ticks within 48 hours; Advantage will kill fleas within 24 hours but does not work on ticks; K-9 Advantix will kill fleas and larvae within 12 hours and ticks within 48 hours. Both Advantage and Frontline Plus kill lice too and K-9 Advantix also work on mosquitoes.They all continue working for a month. (All time frame for reference only)

All of the mentioned brands are water-resistant, however, it is suggested, dog should be bathed before applying the drops or several days after bathed, when bathing the dog, it is recommended to use non-detergent shampoo...
Ecopet Organics Shampoo
Organic Shampoo

Organic Shampoo definitely NOT detergent but actually natural and good for dogs!! Better yet, it's organic!!

You may want to know if they are harmful to humans, here is the FACT: 

Advantage contains ONE pesticide, it is LESS harmful (we can't measure how less it could be, and LESS harmful DOES NOT mean it is safe); Frontline Plus and K-9 Advantix both have TWO pesticides (one for ticks and the other for fleas) and K-9 Advantix ones are stronger than Frontline Plus or Advantage children are advised to STAY AWAY from the application area for couple of days. It is also lethal to cats.

Although the dosage is based on the size/ weight of the dog, NONETHELESS , we can now see that ALL these products contain STRONG pesticides

Click Here and  Here find out what other people have experienced using these products on their dog.

When we hear pesticides, we should already on high alert, and to the extreme that children needs to stay away and it is fatal to cat?! YOU SHOULD BE THINKING IF IT IS THE BEST IDEA TO PUT SUCH TOXIC ON YOUR BELOVED DOG, YOU ARE BASICALLY POISONING TIME IN SMALL DOSAGE!!

Click here to find out one of the ingredients being used in Frontline

That is why we encourage dog owners to use natural and organic products to prevent them from jumping onto the animals instead of using the mentioned products. Put yourself in their shoes, if mosquitoes repellent is like the mentioned products, once mosquitoes sucked your blood and they will die within 24-48 hours?! And children should stay away from you for couple of days because you have those products on your skin and in your blood? Would it make sense to you that your blood is too toxic that you cannot be approached or touched? Does it occur to you that your blood that is full of toxic chemicals that is running throughout your body and that you could be in danger too as everyone react to these things differently?! If your answer to putting these products on your skin is NO, then you SHOULD NOT expose your dog to these products!! 

Dog Dog Day Natural Flea Repellent Cologne
Organic Ticks and Fleas Repellent 

These repellent PREVENT ticks and fleas from jumping onto the dogs, prevention is always better than to treat and get rid of them after they landed on dogs...

Click here to find out what is in the ticks and fleas killer and why are we so against it?! It's PESTICIDES ON SKIN after all... direct injection of toxic?!

If you go to vet, they will of course recommend these to you, as it's all about business, the more they sell, the more commission they get. Even for human Dr. but if you would go to different forums or internet to search for natural and organic ones, you are definitely going to be able to find alternatives. Just remember, you should never put something on your pet or animals with something that you will not put on yourself!

If you own any of these, just be careful with the usage or simply change it...

Hope you all enjoy this post.

Everyone, have a wonderful day! Your One-Stop Organic Boutique

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