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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Major brand removing potential harmful ingredient from products

Johnson and Johnson is going to remove an "ingredient" -Formaldehyde from their product lines. You may not have seen this "ingredient" on the ingredient list as this is technically NOT an ingredient... THAT makes us wonder.... how many "ingredients" are not listed on the ingredient list at the back of the products because they are technically NOT an ingredient but harmful to us??? Although the law states that manufacturer has to put ALL ingredients on the list for consumers' reference, BUT if this is NOT even being considered as ingredient, they can just skip it??? How many potentially harmful "ingredients" are in the products? I guess we will never know until they come out telling us they will again remove certain ingredient from their products again?? 

Are we exposing ourselves to unknown health hazard while we are enjoying our bath, taking shower and washing our hair? Are we also placing our little ones at risk??

IF they didn't take action, we will never find out there are HIDDEN "ingredient"!! Now THAT'S a scary thought!!

In the bright side, they are the first company to commit into taking this action as well as removing parabens at the same time from their products. In the not so bright side, maybe they are still hiding something from us as they may call it a "commercial secret" ? We are certain that Johnson and Johnson is NOT the only company that has this practice, I guess more companies will follow their lead in removing toxic chemicals.

Also, when they mentioned that they will look for alternatives for "safe" ingredients, think about how they define "safe" ? By choosing no side effect ingredient? In which that should be NATURAL... their "safe" in commercial way could be- "yes, its alternative chemical ingredient which will just have tiny leads/ unknown chemical amount that will be absorbed by our body, BUT we won't die from it??"  or "Yes, it is entirely safe for our body system as it is natural?" which statement do you think it's more likely to come true? Could that also be them looking for a "real" ingredient that is FDA approved that we won't die from it and it has to be listed on the ingredient list this time?? What's the different? I guess we will just have to wait and see...

As we always say.... going NATURAL/ORGANIC is the ONLY way to go!!

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